Pet Training – How to Train a Parrot With Clicker Training

Conventionally, those people who buy a parrot as a pet also try to teach him to speak their native language. Well, it is not an easy task to teach parrot a human language but many experts and trainers have done enough research and training that they can teach such lessons to their bird pets. No doubt, everyone who thinks about buying a parrot will also think that how to train parrot with clicker training? Well, this is a difficult question and you have to be very persistent if you want to teach your parrot some good lessons.

For your information, the very basic and difficult tasks to train your parrot are playing or sorting out cards, ring the toy bell and picking nut stuck between your lips. This training might seems to be easy to you but in reality, they are very hard and it is not that easy to teach your bird some good tricks and lessons. Below, I am going to share some exclusive tips on how to train parrot with clicker training. I am sure that you will easily understand these tips for future purposes.

Before starting the tips, I want to discuss a little introduction on the device known as “Clicker”. Well, this is a small device and it can easily produce clicker sound when you press it. The sounds are just a little bit higher than the click of your mouse. The very basic purpose of this device is to make your parrot familiar with the clicking sound. When your parrot do something correct then produce a clicking sound and offer him a treat. Practicing this technique will surely make him familiar with the clicking sound and he will easily obey you.

One thing more, parrot is a sensible bird and it has feelings and emotions too. So, during the training session make sure that you are not yelling or screaming at him. Yelling and screaming on parrots can easily generate a gap between the owner and the parrot and the bird will start ignoring you. So, do not do this no matter how hard it becomes to train your parrot.

The very first method to start clicker training is the observing the behavior of your pet. If it easily accepts it then start the training otherwise offer him treats to get him familiar with the clicking sound. Food is everything that birds and other pets need. Therefore, do not forget to present them their most favorite food during the training.